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Joubert has over 14 years commercial application and e-commerce development experience, with a strong background in online marketing. During the 14 years he consulted and successfully implemented multiple projects for several multinational companies, including Coca-Cola, Dimension Data, BKB, Dell, Canon, Virgin, Harrods, T-Mobile, Nissan, Chivas Regal, Philips, Bank of Cyprus, Mazda, Pinsent Masons, Chartered Accountants Ireland,

He has a proven track-record of successfully growing, managing start-up business in technology sector. Joubert has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.

Current Focus

Scaling HR Tech products globally into more than 62 markets with JOBVINE Global, utilizing blockchain technology.

OUR MISSION - A global transformation of the employment landscape using evolving technology to improve people’s lives.

The world is facing an acute misuse of talent by not acting faster to tackle gender inequality.

Overall, women continue to suffer from higher rates of unemployment ,are less likely to participate in the labour force and face higher risks of vulnerable employment, i.e. being self-employed or a contributing family worker. In addition to the discrimination suffered by women, these gender gaps also represent a substantial loss in income and economic development.

The world is predicting the next financial crisis that threatens to destabilize economies to be youth unemployment.

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